Hendriks is a woman-owned and designed linen brand located in Whistler, Canada. This brand partners with local artists in British Columbia to offer exclusive prints on 100% linen fabric. Each series represents a unique collaboration with a different artist, fusing their individuality with Hendriks' elevated designs.

Hendriks was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, initially focusing on artist collaborations for T-shirts, as a means to support and showcase the talent of creatives in the community. The first series, in May 2020, was released and promptly sold out. Subsequently, series 2 through 6 swiftly followed. By the end of the summer 2021, Hendriks took a brief hiatus as Clare, the owner, welcomed her first child.

In the following months, Clare decided to stop working with T-shirts to pursue her dream of creating her own linen designs while maintaining collaborations with local artists. In the summer of 2022, Hendriks linen line made its debut, introducing series 7. Then, in summer 2023, new styles and series 8 were launched within days of the birth of Clare's second child. Now, in 2024, series 9 is here.

As Hendriks continues to evolve and grow, its commitment to fostering artistic collaborations and producing ethical, high-quality linen pieces remains unwavering.

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